Night Jasmine – Get Thousands of Fragrant Blooms From the Night Blooming Jasmine Plant

The night blooming jasmine may not be the most beautiful plant you ever lay eyes on. It’s a scraggly shrub with five-inch long leaves, growing to a height of 12 feet. Compared to a confederate jasmine, some would call it an ugly duckling. But that hasn’t stopped gardeners from including this tropical plant in their garden. The main attraction for this jasmine is it’s incredible fragrant, white flowers. They are small, greenish-white and shaped like small trumpets.

Several times a year the plant blooms, releasing a sweet fragrance that can be enjoyed 2-3 houses away. Let us take a look how you can grow your own perfume releasing night blooming jasmine plant.
The night jasmine is officially known as Cestrum Nocturnun. It falls under the family name Solanaceae (Night shade family).

Growing Culture:

The night blooming jasmine naturally thrives in tropical areas of North And South America and West Indies. Zones 8-11 are where the plant will experience the best growth and blooms. It grows best in light, loose and sandy type soils. Place the plant in a partial sun/shade location for best results. Under extended periods of direct sunlight, the leaves will wilt and appear sickly. They return to a healthy appearance shortly after the sun has moved off the jasmine.

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