Stop Cockroaches From Living in Your Home

We can all agree that cockroaches are one of the most appalling sights, especially when they are in our home, kitchen nearby foods, and bathrooms. Any bug indoors will scare someone, but cockroaches are far worse than other household pests. They have been identified as one of the filthiest pests to encounter in Florida. Roaches carry many pathogens they pick up from contaminated places such as: sewers, drains, garbage, landfills, bathrooms, and toilets. Many health risks come along with a roach infestation. These pests are typical causes to many intestinal diseases and illnesses.

Pests that feed off rotting organic matter, feces, and anything that carries bacteria are vectors to serious pathogens. Cockroaches carry many pathogens that lead to illness and disease in humans. Here are some serious pathogens roaches are contaminated with:

• Bacillus cereu
• E. coli
• Coliform
• Salmonell
• Klebsiella
• Pseudomona

The best way to avoid these diseases and illnesses is to avoid the cockroach itself. A clean and sanitary kitchen or bathroom has nothing to offer a cockroach.

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