Transfer Money to Indonesia Only After Investigating Its ATM Policies

If you need to send money to Indonesia to relatives in need, it is time to learn a bit about the best way to do so. Making sure the method you choose to transfer money to Indonesia is convenient for your recipient is important to ensure that they can actually use the funds as soon as possible. If you are considering using the increasingly common technique of sending funds via a prepaid debit card, it is helpful to find out how useful this card would be in this country.

Fortunately, ATMs are quite widespread throughout Indonesia, though they are especially common in larger cities like Jakarta. Most small towns are within a reasonable distance of a major city with ATMs, but it is important to make sure your relative has no problem traveling a bit to get their money. Both Cirrus/Maestro and Plus cards are typically accepted at ATMs in the area, which is what most cards adhere to. This means that most cards from the United States are usable in this country. It is interesting to note that ATM Bersama is one of the major interbank networks in the area, connecting many of the ATMs in Indonesia. Look for such ATMs in the area, as most are quite reliable and connected to well-respected banks, such as Bank Negara Indonesia, Bank Mayapada, and Bank International Indonesia.

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