When I Was Young

The sounds of silence so soothing to hear where visions of my past so often appear. We all should remember the tranquility of those simpler days where we had seasons in the sun. Rita, Ann, Mary-Lou and Sue were just a few of the girls I once knew. The games we played is where innocence was displayed. Now, that I have reached the Autumn of my years I still reflect of those bye gone days. Fortunate I was to have traveled the globe and seen the world through so many different eyes.

The world has turned over so many times since I was young. Those simpler days of yesteryear are more convoluted now. The complexity of living is cause for so much unrest. But, through all my years where I have gone from caviar and eaten humble pie I always remember those days when we frolicked in the sun. It is so sad we let those days morph into a more sinister and darken world. Today, our leaders have displayed loyalties making it almost impossible for each of us to have seasons in the sun.

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