Should You Hire a Professional Make-Up Artist For Your Wedding Day?

In the midst of wedding preparations, the decision to hire (or not to hire) a professional make-up artist for your wedding day is one of the most important decisions you will make. All eyes will be upon you. It is your moment to shine. You want to look your absolute best!

I am often asked.”Should I hire a professional make-up artist for my wedding?” As a professional make-up artist, my answer is obviously biased! However, I do realize that professional make-up isn’t for everyone. I hope the information provided will assist you in your decision on whether or not hiring a professional make-up artist for your wedding day is right for you.

A true professional make-up artist has an artistic eye and knows exactly what colors and techniques are needed to enhance your best features. Many make-up artists have received advanced training in make-up education, face shapes, color analysis and are also skilled in camouflage or other techniques to minimize flaws in your skin. A good make-up artist will also assess your fashion personality to determine how bold or creative you like your desired look to be.

Having a camera ready appearance is essential. The make-up application you typically wear may not be suitable for the camera or you may look more radiant with a different type of make-up application.

If you typically wear little make-up, I strongly recommend hiring a professional make-up artist. Believe it or not, this will alleviate a lot of anxiety and stress on your special day. Everyone gets the jitters. Trying to apply photographic quality make-up with a steady hand while your stomach is turning and your hand is shaking isn’t easy when you have little or no experience in applying a full make-up application.

Worried about looking “too made-up?”… interview several make-up artists and absolutely schedule a trial. Most make-up artists do charge for a trial as they need to schedule time on their appointment book. In my opinion, this is money well spent. During the trial, you will be able to try different looks to see what you look like! Often times, what you thought you wanted may not be what you like or what looks best on you in the end.

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