Is It Time to Learn to Trade E-Minis? Avoid These Life Situations Before Starting

There is an old army saying that says, “being tired, cold and hungry makes cowards of us all.” If your desire is to learn to trade e-minis there are certain times in your life that are conducive to the learning process. There are also times in your life that any attempt to learn to trade e-minis can easily result in a resounding failure. To be sure, I get more than my share of individuals who at a point in their lives that usually sabotages a new traders chance at success. To put it simply; if you are at a point in your life when you absolutely must make money, trading is not the game for you.

Learning to trade in a pressure-packed atmosphere puts undo stress on the trader and should be avoided. This phenomenon is a matter of common sense; entering a profession with an astronomical failure rate and expecting to excel without any prior training is just asking too much. After all, the trader is required to do extremely well in a craft where he/she has little or no training. The outcome is a foregone conclusion; failure is imminent. The majority of individuals with whom I speak are often in desperate straights and see trading as a “hail mary” that will miraculously rescue them from financial catastrophe.

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