Smart Trading Options for Conservative Investors in 2018

When it comes to the stock trade for the conservative investor, there is no doubt we’re talking about stock options. But, what exactly is a conservative approach to trading? And what techniques can the savvy investor utilize in 2018 to manage risk and ensure growth? We’ve outlined a few options that might be right up your alley:

  1. Covered Call Options

The covered call is really the most conservative of options and some say it’s even more conservative than purchasing the original stock. Frequently used within IRA accounts, the covered call can be approached by a conservative investor from two perspectives:

  • Generate Consistent Income: You can employ this strategy without selling shares of a business while still generating monthly or weekly income. This strategy is usually used to capitalize in the event that your stock price is projected to decrease or not show improvement within in the short-term.
  • Sell Stocks at Premiums Selling stocks above the current price may be useful when you can stipulate the price on a stock with which you’d not be uncomfortable selling. This tactic is useful in getting a stock that you are not in a hurry to offer and the sale of the Call may eventually take the stock but at the cost that you establish when the option was sold by you.
  1. Use Puts as Insurance

This is a strategy that can be used by you if you anticipate a reversal in a short-term stock price hike. Because you’re interested in reaping the long-term benefits, you are interested in taking the short-term profits, therefore purchasing a Put will ensure that if the stock goes down in value, the value of the Put will go up. Furthermore, you can sell the Put at a greater cost than you paid for it and reap a gain while the price of the stock is declining.

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