Mixed Feelings About Locksmith Industry

If you’ve had your car unlocked in the past 10 years, there is a good chance that you could have had your car unlocked by a locksmith scammer. What makes them a scammer company? Is it the fact that they charge you a service fee plus an unlock fee to get you back inside. Maybe it’s the fact they use fictitious addresses for their business. Most of them charge above normal rates for them to unlock your vehicle, but does that make them a scammer? What would be a normal rate for anything anyway? Who is to decide how much should be charged for anything? Many businesses operate on different business models, and these guys are no different. The way that the customer interprets the price over the phone could make them a scam company, but maybe everyone isn’t seeing the full picture. Besides the way that they market their companies, I feel like every other locksmith company should be thankful that these guys exist, and I’ll elaborate on my feelings a little more.

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