When Business Marketing Crosses The Consumer’s Sense of Fair Play

We have all sorts of rules and regulations when it comes to consumers and marketing. Still, sometimes companies do things which are legal, but the customer feels duped, cheated, or taken advantage of. The results of such can be far worse than a phone call, visit, or warning from regulators. Trust is hard to come by, so is a company’s reputation, both of which are linked to their brand buy-in by the consumer. You see, your customers don’t want to be tricked, and if you do attempt to pull a fast one over on them, there will be hell to pay. Okay so let’s talk shall we?

This isn’t like the old days, where your customer might call the Better Business Bureau, today they will go online, and raise holy hell on the social networks. They might even put together a YouTube video, which might go viral, trashing your company and your brand destroying years of goodwill. This can happen at any time to any company of any size.

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