I Want to Start a Business

Many of us have dreamed about going into business for ourselves. Utilizing our talents, the skills we have honed over the years and the knowledge that we have accumulated. Unfortunately, very few of us will do something about it, only 5%. We are going to explore self-employment to determine if it is right for you.

The reasons people go into their own business vary. Most of us have the desire to be our own boss. We want to get compensated for our efforts instead of getting a stipend while making money for someone else. We are interested controlling our own destiny. We want to grow and develop a business so that we can create wealth and build equity, live the life we want to live and perhaps even leave the business to our children. Whatever the reason, we all seem to have that urge to be our own boss.

So why do only 5% go into business for themselves? Fear is the main factor. They create many reasons (fear) why they shouldn’t go into business but in fact these are reasons they should go into business for themselves.

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