Sick of Conceit? Then Try a Geek!

When it comes to online dating sites, you will often find a whole host of people who believe they have it all going on – and who are looking for other people who are also the epitome of perfection. In fact, you may have even found yourself out on a date with one of these people – the type that love to talk about themselves, always have one eye on the mirror, and who are nothing short of completely conceited.

Well, if you feel that you’ve had enough of dating men or women who believe in nothing but perfection and themselves, it may be time to consider something a little different. If you want to try a date with a difference, a geek could be the perfect option. When you date a geek you will be able to enjoy a talking to someone who is not completely self absorbed and wrapped up in themselves, which is something that will appeal to many people.

Finding that perfect geek

Of course, finding a geek who is confident enough to simply come up to you on a night out is not all that easy, as geeks don’t always have the same confidence levels as those who believe that they are perfection on legs. Therefore, you may not always find yourself in a position where you can strike up a conversation with a geek when you go out.

One way around this is to look at meeting a geek online. By definition, geeks tend to spend a lot of their time online, and this is often where they feel most comfortable and at their most confident. So, if you want to meet a geek and actually get to know them a little better, a geeky dating site could be the perfect solution.

Why go for a geek?

So, why should you go for a geek if you have just as good a chance of getting a non-geek? Well, there are many reasons why a date with a geek might be the perfect solution if you are looking for a more fulfilling and meaningful date than just listening to someone talk about themselves.

This includes:

Someone that is not self absorbed: While some geeks may have some pretty quirky habits, most are not self absorbed, which means that you won’t spend the whole night listening them talk about how wonderful they are.

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