place in your article

Your resource box is the only place in your article you can actively promote yourself and what you want to offer. Therefore give some thought to what action you want your reader to take and you will be handsomely rewarded.

Purpose of the article resource box

After providing valuable information in your article, your reader’s mind will be well prepared for your offer at the end of the article. Your article is where you give free information that serves the needs of your customer. Your resource box is the only place where you are allowed to take something from them. This is a natural give and take scenario. If you have provided an excellent, value oriented article your visitor will be happy to respond to your offer.

Steps to create an effective article resource box

The resource box should only be a maximum length of 6 lines. If it is longer than that visitors may not make the effort to read it and move on.

1. Include your full name

Readers want to know who wrote the article so this is an opportunity to say who you are and why you are an authority on the subject (see resource box below). If you don’t include your name you lose the chance of branding your name to your business and missing out on the chance of building your business reputation.

2. Include your web site address

Readers will check out your web site address to see what you are offering and what business you have. Make sure you write the whole address ie This not only helps your visitors to just copy and paste the address into their browser but most article directories will automatically make this a live link. If you don’t write the complete address the link will not be live.


Use anchor text in your resource box. Most article directories allow you to include 2 web site addresses in the resource box. Display your full web site address

and also insert it in your anchor text to boost the link popularity to your web site.

3. Include your offer

The offer in your resource box should take them to your web site where you expand its promotion. Use 2-3 lines to promote your offer. Examples of different items you can include for the offer in the resource box are: free ebook, short report, e-course, or newsletter subscription.


The advantage of a newsletter subscription is that you can send multiple offers to the same person over a long period of time. People don’t often respond the first time, so offering it several times allows them to make an informed decision. The downside of a one time offer is that you only get one chance to make your pitch.


Top 3 Ways to Come Up With Topics For Blog Posts

The more you blog, the more difficult you might find it to come up with new topics to write about. You may start to feel burned out – like there is nothing more you could possibly say about this niche topic. Thankfully, that is never true! Here are the three top ways you can always come up with fresh topics to blog about.

1. Turn to first. It has an optimized real-time search engine built into its regular search engine. Search for your keyword niche ideas, and then click the “show options” link at the top. Then, you can sort the results by those that have happened with them last instant, 24 hours, week, and so on. Take note of the things people are talking about when the results appear. You can even sort by blogs, news outlets, and others. Take note of the latest news that has sparked some interest and debate. If you are interested in an article, blog post, news release, etc., read it and try to generate ideas for your own blog post.

2. Another way you can come up with topics is to head on over to and search for books in your niche. One of the great things about books on Amazon is that they often have a “search inside” feature. Look for the table of contents after you’ve selected to search inside. Publishers have spent a lot of money to research exactly what the table of content should include! These topics are what are of interest to those in your niche. Doing this can definitely spark some ideas for topics you might want to blog about, or even help you think of profitable niches for your blog.

3. Finally, niche forums are amazing for idea generation. is a great place for ideas and content, as well as, networking opportunities. Look for forums within your niche and sort them by the most viewed or the most replied to posts. Take notes on what people are talking about – think about why they get heated up, and why they are discussing this particular topic. Then, you can address some of these concerns on your own blog. In fact, this is an excellent way to generate some ideas for developing a niche marketing strategy using affiliates.

Coming up with content ideas is not always easy on your own, but thankfully the Internet makes it simple. Incredible resources are at your disposal– only a browser away!


Blogger News

The number of blogger information sites is on the increase these days on the internet. More and more people are getting interested in blogger information sites. Blogger news online is a great outlet for those who are interested in what is going on in the world. It can even be a lot of fun blogging news. This is a great way for many people to read the news and find out the latest happenings. Many of your local television stations do not give enough news for news junkies so they like to go online and get more informed.

If you want to get into writing blogger information there are a few things you should know about it. First of all, you should really watch for grammatical errors with blogger information. You should also check for spelling mistakes on each news piece that you write about. You should also be sure your go to the blog you are using for blogger news on a regular basis. If you have developed a following they will be counting on you to keep them informed.

As you are writing blogger information you should also be careful not to add to or slant the original story. Changing the story is the last thing you want to do. When you are writing blogger news you will want your blog to provide correct information. Your readers will want to trust in your blog. If you try to slant the story your readers may begin to criticize your view. It is best to keep controversy off of your blog. When writing blogger news you want to keep it updated and relevant. Old news on a blogging site will drive readers away. Readers will only stay with blog sites with current news articles on it.

The great thing about blogger information is that the blogger will have a real chance to get noticed by professional journalists if they are really good at it. This can help you get a high paying job. Keep in mind that you should only get your news stories from authentic news papers and websites. It is best to stay away from any sites that have less than reliable information on it when you are writing blogger news. There is no sense in spreading misinformation online. Those who do blogger news help keep others informed with the truth.


Looking To Start A Work From Home Job?

I am always excited at all of the ways to make money online. If you keep it simple, you can surely find something that appeals to you.

Here are a few ideas to look in to.

1) Take paid surveys. Companies with pay you for your opinion. Cash create is an excellent example of this.

You can join them for free and start earn money taking surveys right away. They also have an excellent referral program that you can earn money referring people to this free site.

2) Affiliate Marketing, Get paid to get leads, make sales or even my click.

Some of the top affiliate programs you can earn with today include Amazon. ClickBank, Commission Junction, and Google AdSense.

You can join a 2-tier affiliate program and get paid to recruit affiliates and teach them how to sell products. You earn a lower commission rate than you do on your sales.

3) Network Marketing. Join an MLM company for under $100 and start making money almost immediately selling products.
Join a company that allows you to build a worldwide business and use the internet to prospects and recruits. My World Plus is an excellent example of this. So is Strong Future International.

4) Data entry jobs. I recently bought a membership in Global Data Entry jobs and was blown away at all of the information they provide on earning doing data entry.

You can also make money typing working for yourself. Examples of this include blogging, article writing, posting in discussion forums, and making blog comments.

Become a virtual assistant and you can type for other Internet marketers all day long. They will be happy to pay you to return emails, type letters, do Internet marketing for them, and so on.

5) Warrior Special Offers. Join the Warrior Forum for free and hang out and hang out in the Warrior Special Offers Forum.
You will quickly find all kind of simple ways to make money, and you will spend hardly anything to buy the blueprints these talented Internet marketers have come up with.
It’s only natural when you sit down in front of a computer that you start to complicate things. You begin to get confused as you surf from one website to the next looking at all the many ways to make money online.

In reality if you keep it simple, you can make money starting today doing some of the things I listed above. This is not theory, but somewhat proven ways to make money that are not hard anyone can do with a little bit.


När du vill lämna det tunga

TrädgårdSmart tar bort dina stubbar med stubbfräsning. Borttagning av stubbar  i Stockholm och Uppsala snabbt och enkelt ta bort stubbar uppsala

När du vill lämna det tunga trädgårdsarbetet till någon annan tar du kontakt med TrädgårdSmart. Du får hjälp med köp av en ny robotgräsklippare, installation av robotgräsklippare, ogräsbekämpning, renovering av gräsmatta och stubbfräsning. Vår trädgårdstjänster finner du i Stockholm, Uppsala och Göteborg.


med stubbfräsning Borttagning

TrädgårdSmart tar bort dina stubbar med stubbfräsning. Borttagning av stubbar  i Stockholm och Uppsala snabbt och enkelt Stubbfräsning Uppsala

När du vill lämna det tunga trädgårdsarbetet till någon annan tar du kontakt med TrädgårdSmart. Du får hjälp med köp av en ny robotgräsklippare, installation av robotgräsklippare, ogräsbekämpning, renovering av gräsmatta och stubbfräsning. Vår trädgårdstjänster finner du i Stockholm, Uppsala och Göteborg.


A Career Choice?

Blogging has been widely known over the internet. There are top blogs who were among the thousands of blogs available on the Web. Blog may be about a certain experience on someone’s life or about the happenings on the Web. Blogging is a mixture of journals or records with personal experiences plus various details and information and published to the public for exposure and could be a means of getting information for those people who were interested or wants to gain knowledge and information from these blogs.

A person’s goal in creating a blog is to gain audience. After all, what is the purpose of publishing it if it is meant for nobody to read them? There various reasons of every bloggers. Those who are dynamically engaged in blogging write blog entries more or less every hour. There are no rules when it comes to how often a blog entry must be published and it is completely up to the person.

The topics for blogs differ to a great level that some being concerning daily routine activities while others are taking a more corporate or political angle. Blogging has no distinct or extensively required format. Blogs vary from each line that the writer adds up each and every few hours to comparatively long, well thinking out discussions for or opposed to an issue of interest.

Blogging unquestionably has the capability to be a workable career choice, but will it be recognized by the individuals as a career choice? Any person can be a blogger. Earning a living in becoming a blogger is not easy but it is easy to be one. You will only need an inexpensive or free website and the effort of your time and dedication. In fact, most successful bloggers are a long way more highly developed and experiences in their blogging interests compare to those were unsuccessful whereas, some people are excellent writers and have found the right niche. Normally, readers or audiences don’t need to pay in order to read some blog; blog is at no cost. Blogging is definitely comparable to be an author in many aspects. The difference is authors are usually getting paid in favor of their writing while bloggers are usually paid by means of marketing. The blog basically functions to attract individuals that were then out to the bloggers marketing efforts.

The question is will blogging be considered as a career choice? A simple answer would be that some people are accepting it on the process and some do not. The majority of those that who do not recognize will not be accepting until the issues are focus on. But who cares? Those that have by no means been victorious as a blogger do not have a knowledgeable opinion. If your passion is writing, then blogging is really meant for you. What will you lose? Not only you share what you know to others and helping them with their queries but you also do what you love, not for others but for your own self.

This article is written by Jo Petkovic and if you want to learn more how to best use social media tools to find and generate more leads, increase sales and generate more brand awareness, learn more


Save Time and Automate Your Web Searches With Google Alerts

If you’re like me you probably spend a good deal of time on the web searching for information. It might be industry news, mentions of yourself or business in the press, news stories for your blog or newsletter, or how to get ink stains out of your rug. Let’s face it, the web, for most people, has become the first place we go to look for news and information.

What if I told you that you could have the equivalent of a team of researchers keeping their eye on the web for you and finding all of the latest information on all of the searches you need to do – and they would email this valuable data to you either weekly or daily right to your inbox – all for free? Interested?

Well I’m going to let you in on one of the most useful automation tools I’ve discovered – Google Alerts. Google has expanded way beyond their normal basic search function. They offer a staggering array of software, services, and online tools. One often overlooked gem is Google Alerts – which is a service they offer that notifies you by email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic.

Here’s how it works: Google currently offers six types of alert searches: “News”, “Web”, “Blogs”, “Comprehensive”, “Video” and “Groups”. For example a Google Web Alert sends you an email each time a new page for your chosen term makes it in the top twenty results on Google’s web search. You can also have the alert check Google News and/or Google Groups.

To sign up for a Google Alert, all that you need to do is visit the Google Alerts homepage, enter the search term or topic you are interested in, choose the type of alert, frequency of emails (daily, as it happens, or weekly), and your email address. You can set up alerts for as many terms as you like using a Google Account (which is also free). In October 2008 Google also made alerts available as RSS feeds.

I have several Google Alerts setup to send me daily updates. I use it to find mentions of myself, our websites, and business. I also have alerts setup for phrases like “virtual office”, “virtual team”, and other similar queries which help me keep tabs on what’s happening and find interesting topics to write about in my blog.

Of course, your use of Google Alerts doesn’t have to be limited to business – you can use it to search for the latest on bands you like, an upcoming event, or your favorite sports teams. To get the most targeted information you are seeking I suggest reviewing Google’s Advanced Search Tips – these tips can make you an expert Google Searcher and show you how to create more effective alerts.

One of our core philosophies for working effectively in The Anywhere Office is finding small adjustments that lead to big results. Google Alerts is the type of tool that achieves this and allows you to work smarter not harder. An advocate of working virtually? It would be more precise to say that Phil Montero is an evangelist for distributed work. He’s been the spearhead of the remote work movement for more than a decade: teaching how to work effectively from a home office, the road, or practically anywhere.


About Blog Hosting Websites

Trying to pick blog hosting websites can be very difficult if you have never done it, but also important. Free blog hosting sites are free, but also have drawbacks. If you pay you will be able to have all the control over your content. However, you will also need to gain some technical knowledge and the host will not do all of this for you. When you pick your blog host you will need to make sure that it is compatible with whatever blogging platform you intend to use.

When you set up your web blog host you should constantly think about expanding. If you are trying to make money online while using your blog then you will probably need several different domain names until you figure out the best niche that works for you. This process can be one of trial and error. The most important thing for you is to not separate your hosting for each site because this could host thousands of dollars. Instead of this you should investigate hosts that allow you to purchase domain names and host them on the same account. If you do not think that you will want more then one blog you should still transfer to a new host or pay money when you are ready to expand your blog to a new place.

You can usually use the best blog hosting on that easily. If you are new to the world of blogging then you may not need to worry about all of the technical issues, just make sure your host will take WordPress. You will need to understand basic coding skills if you want to install a template and setup your own customized blog. In reality, bigger is not always better and you may not need to use the most expensive package. Expensive packages may be too complicated for you. You should find a hosting plan that fits in your budget so it stays up longer. This is extremely important because it can take months or even years to return on your blogging investment.

You need to be able to communicate with your blog hosting services to be successful. You must quickly find a company that lists a phone number and then try this out quickly. If you go to a more legitimate hosting site then you can call them which is easy if you are bad with tech issues. You should also try out the online support that they have before signing up to make sure that if something happens to your website then you will be able to talk to them even if it is on the weekend!


Web Blogging – 3 Ways to Get Paid For Your Efforts

Move over social networking sites. There is a trend which seems to have taken over the internet world by storm. “Have Net, Will Blog” seems to be the new mantra of the netizens. The last five years have witnessed a sudden surge in the number of users who blog online. Right from posting about their private lives to pondering over life’s musings, people are blogging about just anything and everything. However, the scope of internet goes beyond blogging about your private life. You can earn money online too.

Blogging, initially started as a practice of online diary, today serves multiple functions. The best part about blogging is the fact that it allows each and every individual to exercise their freedom of speech, which is surely fast becoming a rarity in today’s world. Blogging is considered the ideal way in which one can promote their products, websites, events, writing skills, bond with like minded people, stay updated with latest trends and learn about latest happening all over the world. However, a lot of people who blog well and are able to make their blog popular can benefit in ways more than one. Apart from the increased fan following and dedicated readers, they also stand a chance to earn some extra cash via their blogs.

Here are three simple steps in which one can earn extra money via blogging:

1) Choose Classy Content – The most important pre requisite to generate money online is to have steady traffic to one’s site. This can be made possible only if an individual writes well and posts only premium content on his website. One of the easiest ways to write good content is to pick up any current popular topic, product, issue and research well about it. Then try to fuse this research with your own thoughts and perspective and post it online. Remember, people will visit your blog regularly only if it features good content.

2) Affiliate Programs – this is the latest buzz word in the blogosphere. Individuals who have even a limited amount of readership or those who do not have very classy content posted on their blog can benefit from it too. It is advisable to feature only those ads which are related to the content posted online in order to increase their relevance. Another great trick to increase traffic to blog is by interspersing the content with selected keywords at regular intervals in order to ensure search engine optimization of your blog.

3) Advertisements – there are a lot of companies which would be more than willing to place their ad on your blog, provided it is immensely popular. There is no harm in benefiting from such ads which will make your blog popular and help you earn a buck or two in the process too.

Want some help with this? How would you like a free blog on your own free hosting account?