How to Control Hot Flashes and Last Longer in Bed Thereafter

Are you experiencing night sweats or hot flashes from the last few days? If yes, then you might be approaching menopause!

Night sweats & hot flashes are considered a nightmare in every woman’s life. They are among the most common symptoms of menopause and pre menopause. In general, Menopause is a particular phase in a woman’s life in which her reproductive ability ends. The majority of women reach the period of menopause in their early fifties and late forties, when they start thinking about their future, leaving behind their sexual life.


How Indian Shopping Malls Will Function in Years to Come?

1. Shipping Centers May Be the Future

We all know that whenever you feel like having some fun and spending quality time with your friends, going to a shopping mall is the best thing to do. Nowadays, people are so busy that they don’t find time to visit a shopping mall, so they prefer shopping from eCommerce sites.

When we talk about India, shopping center conversion to shipping centers has not started to occur yet. However, there is some buzz that the shopping centers will be converted into shipping centers.

2. You Will Find More Than Just Shopping in Future Malls

Now, we find that most of the shopping centers have not yet realized this.

We need to understand that people want to have concrete reasons to visit a mall because almost everything is available online. That’s why in the future, shopping malls will no longer be just about shopping; these malls will be entertaining people.


Dumbbell Comparison: Hex vs Rubber vs Pro Style

These types of dumbbells are the most common for home and commercial gyms. This guide will help you navigate among the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Hex dumbbells are made with chromed solid steel handles and welded-on cast iron heads with a painted finish. They’re typically found in home gyms and in some smaller fitness establishments.

Rubber hex dumbbells are the same as the above, with steel handles and iron heads, but with a rubber coating instead of paint. So while they are really just rubber coated, we call them rubber dumbbells for simplicity.

Pro style dumbbells are found in most commercial gyms. They’re made using solid steel handles and standard “pancake” style weight plates. They differ from standard adjustable dumbbells in that the handle ends are a precise length to fit an exact number of plates, it’s bolted together so as to be semi-permanent, and they usually have end caps to further smoothen out the edges.

Rubber pro style dumbbells are the above with rubber coating on the attached weight plates instead of paint. Again, for short we call them rubber rather than rubber coated. Keep in mind that regular pro style dumbbells can also be made with only rubber end caps.

All types above can have contoured handles rather than straight. Contoured handles are thicker in the center than the edges, making for a wider and more ergonomic grip.


How to Choose a Furniture Style

How do you choose a furniture style when there are so many styles to choose? One way is to find a furniture style that you like. One that makes you feel comfortable, reflects your lifestyle and connects to you on an emotional level.

Before you decide which style is right for you, let’s look back at the history of interior design. Let’s make an emotional connection or at least an interest in a particular style. They say everyone has a story to tell and so does interior design. Interior design began in the stone age when cavemen began to draw pictures on their interior walls, each person telling their own story. Ancient Egypt and Rome had a deep interest in their interiors as well, especially in architectural design.

How did history inspire furniture designs? Back in the early 1400’s to the 1700’s, furniture styles were influenced by political powers. In fact, it was the dominant countries in Europe that had the biggest effect on the furniture styles of that era. Many of the popular furniture styles were either named after that period, region or monarch of the dominant country.


Force in Modern Physics

We are all pretty sure we know what force is. Gravity, for instance, is a force and gravity needs no further explanation. Newon was the first scientist to state the law of gravity in mathematical terms and for many years we thought that this was the final answer to what the law of gravity really is. Then cam Einstein, who found that Newton’s law was only a good first approximation. Einstein’s relativity concepts gave us a more accurate computation, which has been proved many times to give the correct answers for orbital and space trajectories.

By this time, therefore, we should feel reasonably certain that at least we know the answer to how gravity affects massive bodies, so that we can predict any result. It seems, however, that nature still has a trick or two up its sleeve. Back in the early 1970s, two Pioneer spacecraft were sent to take a close look at Jupiter and Saturn. After that mission was completed, they then went on into the outer solar system. Soon after wards, it was noticed that their velocities deviated from those predicted by Einstein. They were slower than they should have been, by some 5000 kms. per year. It seemed as though an unknown force, emanating from the sun, slowed them down. To add to the mystery, another anomaly was discovered with several spacecraft when they were sent round the earth in what is called a slingshot maneuver, to pick up speed before going on to various space missions. This time, they picked up more speed than they should have, only four millimeters per second, but easily measured. Of course, in both cases, all sorts of precautions were taken to eliminate errors due to faulty instruments, inaccurate measurements or any other extraneous factors that would have allowed existing theories to remain intact. It seems that we might need another bored young patent clerk doodling on a piece of paper, another Einstein to astound us by finally explaining a very enduring mystery.


When I Was Young

The sounds of silence so soothing to hear where visions of my past so often appear. We all should remember the tranquility of those simpler days where we had seasons in the sun. Rita, Ann, Mary-Lou and Sue were just a few of the girls I once knew. The games we played is where innocence was displayed. Now, that I have reached the Autumn of my years I still reflect of those bye gone days. Fortunate I was to have traveled the globe and seen the world through so many different eyes.

The world has turned over so many times since I was young. Those simpler days of yesteryear are more convoluted now. The complexity of living is cause for so much unrest. But, through all my years where I have gone from caviar and eaten humble pie I always remember those days when we frolicked in the sun. It is so sad we let those days morph into a more sinister and darken world. Today, our leaders have displayed loyalties making it almost impossible for each of us to have seasons in the sun.


Five Nifty Tips For Buying Queen Comforters

Owners of queen sized beds naturally need queen comforters as part of their bedding collection.

However, you shouldn’t just choose any comforter, nor should you necessarily choose based only on the price of the bedding.

So how do you really get the best comforter?

Below, you will find the top five tips to keep in mind when shopping for and buying queen comforters from online sources:

1. Size: Before you decide to purchase a queen comforter, determine if you wish to use a bed skirt with the comforter or if you want the comforter to come all the way down to the floor. If you have a regular bed frame and you prefer your comforter to touch the floor, you may want to choose a king sized comforter instead of a queen.

If you have a lower, platform-style bed and you do not want the comforter to touch the floor, you may want to choose a full sized comforter instead. Use a tape measure to measure the area you wish to have covered by the comforter or duvet before buying. Online sites offering comforters should include the measurements of each comforter so you can be sure which item is best for your needs.


Weeding Tools, Tips and Techniques That Work

Weeding tools are one piece of the solution. It’s no secret that weeding consistently ranks as most individual’s most unpopular gardening chore. But there is some good news in the battle over weeds: Homeowners tired of spending backbreaking hours in the yard pulling dandelions can rest a little easier thanks to proven procedures, clever tips and innovative weeding tools. Here are some pieces of advice from garden and lawn experts designed to make weed removal and prevention less of a problem, including:

Build up the lawn. Cultivating a strong lawn is one of the simplest ways to force out weeds. Dandelions and other common broadleaf weeds can’t keep up with vigorously growing grass plants. The healthier and more lush your grass is, the less room there is for weeds.

Develop the soil. Conditioning the dirt is an easy way to cut down on weeds — and make the ones that do sprout up easier to pull. Using peat moss is a very effective technique of getting the soil into shape. Sprinkle a layer of peat moss over the lawn and lightly spread it around with a rake. This procedure, called “top dressing,” slowly conditions the lawn over the duration of a season so it’s more resistant to thatch and disease – and helps keep weeds from growing. Peat moss also reduces the amount of fertilizer and water a lawn requires. It is also an effective addition to the garden. Till two inches of peat moss into the top half a foot of dirt to help loosen the soil and make it easier to pull weeds.


Transfer Money to Indonesia Only After Investigating Its ATM Policies

If you need to send money to Indonesia to relatives in need, it is time to learn a bit about the best way to do so. Making sure the method you choose to transfer money to Indonesia is convenient for your recipient is important to ensure that they can actually use the funds as soon as possible. If you are considering using the increasingly common technique of sending funds via a prepaid debit card, it is helpful to find out how useful this card would be in this country.

Fortunately, ATMs are quite widespread throughout Indonesia, though they are especially common in larger cities like Jakarta. Most small towns are within a reasonable distance of a major city with ATMs, but it is important to make sure your relative has no problem traveling a bit to get their money. Both Cirrus/Maestro and Plus cards are typically accepted at ATMs in the area, which is what most cards adhere to. This means that most cards from the United States are usable in this country. It is interesting to note that ATM Bersama is one of the major interbank networks in the area, connecting many of the ATMs in Indonesia. Look for such ATMs in the area, as most are quite reliable and connected to well-respected banks, such as Bank Negara Indonesia, Bank Mayapada, and Bank International Indonesia.


Night Jasmine – Get Thousands of Fragrant Blooms From the Night Blooming Jasmine Plant

The night blooming jasmine may not be the most beautiful plant you ever lay eyes on. It’s a scraggly shrub with five-inch long leaves, growing to a height of 12 feet. Compared to a confederate jasmine, some would call it an ugly duckling. But that hasn’t stopped gardeners from including this tropical plant in their garden. The main attraction for this jasmine is it’s incredible fragrant, white flowers. They are small, greenish-white and shaped like small trumpets.

Several times a year the plant blooms, releasing a sweet fragrance that can be enjoyed 2-3 houses away. Let us take a look how you can grow your own perfume releasing night blooming jasmine plant.
The night jasmine is officially known as Cestrum Nocturnun. It falls under the family name Solanaceae (Night shade family).

Growing Culture:

The night blooming jasmine naturally thrives in tropical areas of North And South America and West Indies. Zones 8-11 are where the plant will experience the best growth and blooms. It grows best in light, loose and sandy type soils. Place the plant in a partial sun/shade location for best results. Under extended periods of direct sunlight, the leaves will wilt and appear sickly. They return to a healthy appearance shortly after the sun has moved off the jasmine.