4 Things You May Not Know About Artists

1. Many artists have side-jobs

Selling your art can be an unstable source of money. One month you might make lots of money, the next you might make next to nothing. Lots of artists have a permanent part-time or even full-time job so they’re at least guaranteed some money to cover their living costs. Many artists who are successful and make enough money from their art still keep a side-job on because they enjoy having something that takes their mind off their art work. Being an artist can be very flexible, so it can be easy to fit side-jobs into their routine.

2. Many artists love socialising

You might think artists as quiet and shy people because they spend a lot of time working by themselves. The opposite is true, in fact: most artists are very sociable and love meeting likeminded people. One of the main reasons why artists are especially sociable is because they have to be to further their careers. Part of being an artist is putting your work, and to a degree, yourself, out there. Networking is an important part of establishing your brand and customer base. Artists go to events and visit places such as galleries to meet potential customers and clients.

3. Many artists are careful with their money

Art tends to be associated with rich people, because lot of rich people buy art and particular works can be expensive. The typical artist, however, isn’t rich, and has to budget carefully, especially if they’re self-employed. Many artists get to mingle with rich people, but it can be hard earning a high wage from being an artist, which is something that motivates many artists to keep trying. Realistically speaking, most artists won’t end up rich – they may one day have a good wage, but still it usually isn’t a guaranteed wage, because they might sell lots one month and not so much the next. Artists who are self-employed can only rely on the money they earn themselves: if they fall ill and can’t work, they won’t earn, for example.

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