A Guide to Writing a Good “On Hold” Script

It is inevitable that at one time or another, you have no alternative but to put your client on hold; however, make this your opportunity to demonstrate to them how professional your company is. 홀덤This may be the only opportunity you have to do business with them so you can’t afford to get their on hold experience wrong. It is worth investing a little bit of time to get this right.

The on hold messages and background music needs to engage the caller, to defuse potential frustration. Make this an opportunity to educate and create a good impression of your company and products.

The Script

First and foremost, tell the caller where they are and thank them for calling. “Thank you for calling [Company Name], please hold, an advisor will be with you shortly” is a good start.

Don’t bombard them with all of your information at the start of your script, keep it segmented and concise. If you have 8 pieces of information to communicate, provide 8 short paragraphs so that your audio engineer(s) can spread it out over your chosen music. It will be received better in smaller chunks and combined more effectively with music.

After the initial greeting, make the first three on hold segments the most salient. These should be points that the caller will be interested in and ensure that they stay on the line.

For example, if your company is holding an annual event, has a special offer, a free magazine etc. make sure that this information is communicated in the few first messages.

You may say something like…

“Stay on the line and request your free magazine when you are connected”

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