Fly your significant other to a new city for a romantic date

Everyone has a favorite restaurant – somewhere you go for every anniversary, and probably birthdays as well. It’s always nice, it isn’t too far away, and you know exactly what to expect. The trouble is, as human beings, we often appreciate the new and exciting, so that perfect restaurant can become boring after a few visits. So for your next special occasion, you can pick a place in a city that you two have never seen before, and have a brand new experience. 사설토토 

2) Fly to the Bahamas.

New regulations enable sport pilots to fly to the Bahamas. That relaxing island getaway is just a short flight away with picture perfect views all the way there. Spend time relaxing by the beach, and fall asleep to the sound of waves crashing outside the window of your resort. In the morning, stroll the beach and pick up a few shells to take back as souvenirs. When you fly, even the trip home is exciting, with picturesque ocean views from the sky.

3) Fly to the Florida Keys.

Every beach over in Florida has heard of Key West, where fishing, diving and shopping as the main attractions. Maybe you’ve even visited the Keys before. Once. Unfortunately, the other thing everyone in Florida knows about Key West is that there is one way in and it takes all day to get there. Lucky you, with your sport pilot license. You and a friend can spend all day soaking up the South Florida sun instead of having seven-hour punch-buggy marathon in the car.

4) Fly to the mountains.

Sometimes the fun and sun just doesn’t make up for the heat and humidity, and you want to get away. Skip the winding roads and corny billboards and enjoy your weekend in a cozy cabin in the mountains. Once the peace and quiet set in, you will forget the anxious sound of car horns and the metallic, chlorine tainted taste of city tap water. And the smooth crisp air will remind you that in the rest of the world, seasons really do change.

5) Fly home for the holidays.

Dorothy had it right, there is no place like home. But if she had a sport pilot license, she and Toto would have had an easy trip back to Kansas. The roads can be a nightmare over the holidays, and one broken-down motorist two miles up ahead can mean missing your dad’s hilarious annual attempt to carve the turkey. Take the scenic route up in the sky, and you’ll be there early enough to run to the grocery store and back at the family gathering in time to brag how refreshed you are from you short journey in your incredible aircraft. Oh, and gifts for the family? Just take them down to the airfield for rides in the sky. They will talk about it for years. And with four gallons of gas at $4 a gallon as your only expense, it’s the kind of gift that keeps on giving.

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