Ensuring Good Manners Online

You publish and syndicate a great deal of content online. Part of your desire is to get people to leave comments after reading your content. You want them to respond favorably to your writing but you may also receive negative comments at times. That is acceptable as long as they are polite.

The emotional reaction

People will generally react favorably to whatever is being said as long as the approach is acceptable. No matter what your relationship is with any given person, the most basic level at which you relate to that person is the emotional (human) level. People will never react to you (or your content) logically or intellectually before they will have an emotional reaction to you. No doubt, you have heard it said (and most probably agree) that all relationships are formed because people are able to touch each other in some emotional way. If you can’t succeed at doing that, you won’t be able to have a relationship with that person.

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