How Can We Give Financial Aid Responsibly Where There Are Real Needs And Massive Problems?

What happens when money is given where there is real need and when you know that the money will be handled responsibly? Why might these questions be relevant and apposite?

Well, we know that much aid which is given finds its way into the pockets of those who are greedy and corrupt. They are basically thieves and they get off with it for a season because they do not believe that one day they will have to stand before Almighty God and answer for their behaviour and appalling activities.

Over these past four years, it has been a privilege and a joy following teaching sessions across Kenya to see three wells dug and now functioning in three needy areas. These communities no longer have to walk four miles every day to fetch water.

One of the tasks of the Church of Jesus Christ is to improve the lives of those who are poor and by that I mean those who are really poor. It is an immense sadness to learn of how governments are so uncaring and so unconcerned about the poverty of their own people.

With a little money in the right hands communities can be transformed.

I have pleaded with Western Governments not to send money overseas at all and that includes the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

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