Geek Clock – Form and Function

What do you want to get out of your purchase of a clock? Most people will make the rather straightforward answer that they are primarily interested in a clock that tells time. This is definitely not a bad answer, but with a geek time teller you get something that does that and more. What would be the value of clocks that did not effectively tell time? But honestly, there is much more to selecting an item that just tells time than looking for function. You could look for form as well. That is, the design of the clock can be a huge positive.

For those that want a really unique look to add to their already geek lifestyle and or decor, purchasing a Geek Clock could be worthwhile. No, the ‘form’ is not the ‘elevated level’ of a classical grandfather timepiece. Rather, the goal of the Geek Clock is to add a little bit of humor to the time telling experience. Hey, we need humor anywhere and everywhere we can find it. Consider that a huge endorsement for procuring a clock that deviates from the (dull) norm we have become so familiar with.

Geek Clocks celebrate geekiness by adding calculus based symbols to the clock in place of the digits and require you to use a little brain function in order to find out the time. This will certainly raise eyebrows among those that glance a few times at such a unique time telling piece you have on the wall. It also has the potential to make people smile ever so slightly. This, in turn, means the clock will have the desired impact on those that see it. This makes it an idea gift for teachers… especially those in the math field Again, it is a fun and lighthearted clock that delivers the proper impact you would want out of a novelty item.

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