How to Get 100 Exclusive Leads Per Month

In this post you’ll discover my MLM blog training secrets to getting 100 exclusive new leads per month (on autopilot) with your blog.

Imagine waking up everyday, checking your email inbox, and seeing floods of notifications that read something like this:

“Congratulations, you have a new subscriber!”

Well, there’s good news: I’m going to teach you step-by-step how to do this, without the technical headaches or big budget requirements.

When you’re done, you’ll know exactly how to create an MLM blogging machine that generates fresh leads for your business day, noon, and night.

Ready? Let’s go.

MLM Blog Training: 5 Steps To Getting 100 Leads a Month

Step #1 – Master Keyword Research

Keywords are simply what your target audience is typing into search engines like Google.

When you know this, you can create content directly for these keywords and you’ll never worry about what to blog about ever again.

I classify keywords into two categories: root keywords and long tail keywords.

Root keywords are generally broad terms, for example, “internet marketing,” or “weight loss.”

Long tail keywords are more specific, for example, “internet marketing for beginners,” or “weight loss for women over 40.”

Most people make the mistake of wanting to rank for broad terms, when in fact ranking for long tail keywords has more benefit.

Yes, ranking for the keywords, “internet marketing,” or “weight loss” would bring in a lot of traffic, but it would be unfocused and thus decrease conversions.

Ranking for long tail keywords would bring in less traffic, but it would be much more focused and thus increase conversions.

In fact, “popular” search terms make up only 30% of total searches on the web, while the remaining 70% of searches are long tail keywords.

My go-to keyword research tool is Long Tail Pro because I’m able to find easy to rank for keywords, but I use the Google Keyword Planner tool frequently, too.

I also use YouTube and forums to find additional keywords. Forums are great because people go there to ask questions, which makes for great content to publish on your blog and position yourself as an authority.

These methods will allow you to work smarter, not harder, and crush your competition.

Assignment: Compile a list of 30-50 keywords for blog posts for your own blog.

Step #2 – Create All-Killa, No-Filla Content

Now that you have 30-50 keywords to blog around, it’s time to create content that impresses our readers.

Here’s some personal guidelines I follow to create responsive content that people love.

500 words minimum, but aim for 1,000+. It’s hard to write epic content in less than 500 words. Content that goes viral and gets a lot of engagement is usually longer and much more in depth. Not to forget, Google rewards blogs that get positive feedback by ranking you higher in the search engines.

Use images, audio, and video to add value to your posts. Cater to different senses because not everyone wants to read. Some people prefer videos, others like audios and/or images.

Break up blocks of text to give the illusion of a shorter, and easier to read blog post. People run away from big blocks of texts.

Use strong headlines, titles, intros and conclusions. A compelling title gets people to click on your blog post, while intros capture their attention and make them want to read further. Headlines are important because people like to skim through content nowadays, and conclusions sum everything up and prepares the reader for a strong call-to-action.

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