How To Care For Your Hair When Using Straighteners, Curlers And Blow Dryers

The drawback in using hair tools
There are several problems you can encounter when looking for wholesale salon equipment. The specific salon items are straighteners, curlers and blow dryers. If used improperly all of these items can damage the hair, as well as, they can be difficult to buy at wholesale prices.

Why does hair tools needed
Straighteners, curlers and blow dryers can do for our hair what nature can’t. We can make our wavy, curly hair sleek and straight. We can make out hair fuller and thicker looking and we can get our soaking wet hair dry… Fast. However, we must be careful to not over do the use of these products or we can cause damage to our hair. Used in conjunction with excellent hair conditioning products, straighteners, curlers and blow dryers can be our hair’s best friend.

Without proper care, your hair can dry out, break, grow dull in color and loose its shine. Taking good care of our hair is part of taking good care of ourselves overall. When we feel good about ourselves we want to look good and when we look good it’s easier to feel good about ourselves. It doesn’t take a lot of time but, if done regularly, we can look our best everyday.

Tips for reducing the risks at using common hair tools.
First of all, you’ll want to use blow dryers on the lowest setting possible, as often as you can. It takes a little longer but, it is safer on your hair. With straighteners, you’ll want to make sure your hair is dry and you have sprayed it with a thermal protective hair product before hand.

When using magnetic curlers, you must make sure your hair is completely dry when you remove them or the curl won’t last. If you have the time and don’t plan on washing your hair for a day or two, this is a very gentle curling option. Heated curlers (or rollers) are great for a fast hairstyle when you hair is dry. Do not leave them in very long though to protect the hair. They usually come in a variety of sizes.

The size of the tube determine how big your curls will be. 18-25mm barrel is good for naturally looking dense curls while 32-36 mm is better for wavy beach look.

Foam curlers are great to roll up in dry hair and leave for several hours. You can even sleep on them and wake up to a new hair style and they don’t damage the hair. Velcro are popular and inexpensive to buy. They work better in shorter hair or you can use clips to keep them in place on longer hair. Just be very careful when you take them. That is when the damage can occur.

Finding these products at wholesale salon equipment supply stores is not an easy task. Companies like this usually sell the large, specific items such as the chairs, carts, standing dryers etc. In continuing to care for your hair, using a high quality hair serum daily or even 2 or 3 times a day, will help keep moisture in your hair. A deep hair conditioning treatment is a great idea once a week and getting your hair trimmed once every 6-8 weeks is necessary to keeping your hair healthy and in great condition.

Some companies have made great effort to develop highly effective hair tools: JHD, Chi and Le Angelique are just to name a few. Those companies usually sale both retail and wholesale.

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