Why Real Estate Agent Should Handle Real Estate Sales

Selling or buying property is one of the things that most of us will find ourselves engaged in at some point in our life. When the opportunity to sell property comes, there are high hopes of making some good profits by property owners. At times the urge to “maximize on the profit” becomes so high that property owners decide to get buyers by themselves. In the process they overlook and bypass legitimate and qualified professionals who have a vast knowledge of the property market and trends that could benefit the property owner.

Some property owners end up selling their homes without involving real estate professionals. However many people believe you are better off selling your home with the help of an agent than doing it alone. Below are some valid and strong reasons why property owners stand higher and better chances of succeeding in selling their homes with the help of professional agents.

Reason #1: Agents increase your chances of selling your home faster and at a better price

real estate price

Professional real estate agents can help you price your house correctly. They have access to the latest price trends on the market. If your property is not priced well from the beginning, it is most likely going to take longer to sell. You will need to adjust the price downwards in order to meet the current market level. Without the latest market prices, you can end up underpricing your property. In fact, statistics show that an average agent sells a home at an extra $40,000 compared to what a home owner could have done if they sold their home without real estate agent.

Reason #2: Real estate agent can make value adding suggestions

Most likely, many agents have seen and sold properties like yours. They can give you free and valuable suggestions that can improve appearance of your home and thus increase its sale value.

Reason #3 Real estate agent will help with your busy schedule

Home owners do not have all the time to go looking for prospects and keep taking them to the site for viewing. Real estate agent can take care of it because it is their job and they can show your property to serious prospects. Moreover, they can respond to all the necessary inquiries that potential buyers raise while you are busy. This saves you time and increases the chances of selling property faster because a serious prospect may settle for another property if they didn’t get to view yours on time. Also potential buyers feel freer trying to “fit into” their prospective homes when the homeowner is absent. Real estate agent assures them of that freedom during the viewing process.

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